Capturing life, creating art

My background in art led a path into photography for me at a young age. I was drawn to the creative process both in taking the images, and enhancing them afterwards. I own a boutique studio, you can read about it below! 

 Boutique Photography Experience 

What's a boutique studio? In the era of mini sessions and digital files, that concentrate on volume and high turn out, a boutique studio offers a personal experience that spends time with you and delivers a finished product. When I started my business in 2002, I brought customers in after their sessions, helped them choose their images and products, then delivered their order ready to hang and enjoy. When the market opened up to weekend hobbyists willing to take photos and hand them all over on a disk, things started changing, the consumer thought this was ideal! But how many of you never printed those images? Or had them printed at the corner pharmacy, only to be disappointed with the flimsy quality and off coloring? An entire generation has a hard drive full of memories (if they haven't lost them in a crash) never to be seen by anyone else. I still believe in offering a personal touch. I want to get to know you and your family before a session, to ensure my photos represent your style and personality. I want to see the smiles on your faces as you look at the proofs, and then help you decide which images should go in an album or on a wall. When you pick up your order, I want to be there to make sure everything is just like you wanted! The time from your session to having finished products is only 3-6 weeks! I'd love to chat with you on setting up your very own custom, boutique session.